River's Reflection
quiet apocalypse
Vash stared into the river. The trickling sound making his ears prick and swivel as he studied his own face. He looked like a normal wolf from the front. He was part white on the bottom fading up into brown and then just the barest dustings of grey above his eyes giving him eyebrows. And yet, he pushed his right ear down with his paw and there it was. 

A bald patch a deep pink and marking him as maimed. He was lucky he hadn't lost an ear. He doesn't remember what led up to it either only that it had been fierce. His other wounds had healed rather well but this one it had robbed him of his past for the most part. 

He wondered if he had been the same then or if he had been like the hunters in his current pack. Strong fierce and relied upon by the pack. He wanted that for himself as well. He wanted a true home where he was not seen as an outcast due to his scar. Most of the pack knows him as friendly and quick to submit right now. Yet he knows their fears; what if one day his memories return. What if he was a killer or a cannibal?

Fear is what kept him from making friends and family. Yet he had no way to elevate their fears. He remembers happy times romping with his best friend who often popped up in his memories. Yet he couldn't remember his name. He also remembered a handsome wolf who seemed to make his heart race. Again no name and he wasn't sure if it had been male or female.

He sighed as he let go of his ear. The face that stared back at him was it really his own? He shook his head and stood up dipping his head forward to take a drink. His tongue rolling into the water and gripping it like a ladle as he took a nice shallow drink. It was cold and hurt his teeth a bit. 

His head picked up once more his paws resting on the river banks rocks. His ears turned to a new sound and thus his head followed. Something or someone was in the grass.

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