ooc name: Dantelion
character name: Vash
tribe: Vaehlus 
skills: 5/4/5/1
items: bird skull, spine, deer hide
rp sample: 

[Image: himalayan%20wolf%201.jpg]

How does one describe life? For Vash it was the never ending journey he travels with his tribe. It was not uncommon for the average sized wolf to be pushed around. He was not the smartest in the pack and in truth he was not born into it. That was only one reason, however.

No, the pack took him in when they found him wandering the edge of the white. The green eyed wolf studying the never-ending sea of snow a crow skull at his feet. They believe his simplicity is due to the maiming scar behind his one ear. Most likely meant to be a killing blow but instead, it robbed him of memories. Large gaps filled his head; he remembered some but not all. Even now he is forgetful unless it has been told to him more than once.

Now he simply an Omega scavenging at the edge of a tribe who barely tolerates him. He doesn't mind however rather he enjoys not being expected to do much. Instead, he takes what is left to him. A spine and a small deer hide makes his bed at night. The spine providing comfort like he is laying with another and the fur for warmth in this never ending cold. They can bully him all they want but at the end of the day the table scraps left keeps him alive. He does plan on leaving one day. Finding a true home; that was Vash's one wild dream. But dreams are just that aren't they, dreams?

Accepting is the best way to describe Vash. He accepts his fate as an outcast on the outskirts of society. He accepts the fact he will be nothing more than that and he accepts that others shall always push and step on him. 

He has a kind heart though. With his simple mind, he wears his heart on his paw. When bullied he whimpers and when praised his tail wags. His every emotion is shown somehow. 

Hate, it is a strong word for him. He can't say he hates anything even those who bully him. Or the one who tried to kill him. In truth, he doesn't remember who that is but even if he found out he would still be unable to feel anything but a dislike and a distrust of them.

prompt: N0

  • Strong Constitution - He is strong in body and healthy despite being starved. His body survived the cold days and nights with a bleeding head wound. It isn't much but it has kept him alive.
  • Kind - Others can be unkind to them all they want. In the end, he would much rather be kind to those who persecute him than prove them right to fear him.
  • Hunting - He is a good hunter able to do so on his own by pretty much burying himself in the snow. He rarely hunts for himself as it can take hours before a meal comes close enough.
  • Instinct - He may be simple but his instincts are still good. He knows when to run and when to fight as well as prey from predator.
  • Team Player - He has no trouble working with others. In fact, he would prefer it if they allowed.
  • Simple - If only he had a brain. He isn't smart due to his injury and does mainly what others tell him too.
  • Memory Lapses - His memory is bad and he often forgets things every few hours. It leads to some issues and misunderstandings.
  • Quick to Submit - He doesn't care to fight a point. As an Omega he finds it in his place to roll over for any who push at him.
  • Pups - They are often scared of him due to him being marked and he doesn't know how to handle them. He likes them well enough but since they don't like him it leaves him feeling a bit put out.
  • Easy to Trick - That's a word for it. With his lapse of memory he rarely knows the patterns of tricks til it's too late and he's in a hole or stuck in a dead tree. The promise of friendship or family is his biggest weakness. He would change tribes and packs just to have one. Making him disloyal and easy to trick into doing something wrong while following his dreams.
Hi @Vash! Thank you for applying! You are almost on your way to having your character accepted, we just ask that your strengths and weaknesses be filled out within the strengths/weaknesses field on your profile and that your character's appearance is fleshed out with a few more sentences! Once that is complete, I'll send you on your way and you can begin roleplaying! Welcome to ITW! ♥
@THEHARTLESS Added to profile and appearance fleshed out by four more sentences. Hopefully, I am good. ^^
Your character has been accepted and you may begin role-playing. If you haven't already, say hello in our Community Hub or post some artwork in the Graphics Corner. We hope you enjoy your stay here with us and that you do not stray too far Into the White.

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