Give me your fire, give me your fear
It had been a rough journey through the new area, bi-colored eyes scanning the winter wonderland that was gifted to the grey-sooted man, a small grin of appreciating appearing at the magnificent sight that beheld him. Frozen, yet still full of life, the waterfall was like a statue - never to move, yet still feeling life-like. No, it was not completely dead. There was water still flowing but it was hidden behind the wall of ice. Perfect. Still, this did not solve one issue that he was having. Hunger. Stomach rumbled and teeth would unsheath in response, murmuring under his breath, "Quiet, you." Winter was his season. The issue was that this area was new and there would no trails or clues as to where the herds often moved. For now, the Russian had the company of this waterfall, though he wouldn't speak with it. That would be rather silly. 

Maw opened wide, canines shining in the glistening sun that made the air even more colder than when clouds would cover the blue sky, yawning loudly and rudely. Rump found a nice spot next to what would have been the waterfall's bottom pool. Though it was most likely safe, this large male knew how dangerous ice could be over water, especially for one of his weight. Thick coat kept Ryurik warm as he sat there silently, gazing at every little detail within the frozen waterfall. If only there was food behind that waterfall, then he would most definitely try to break into it. Why was this place so lifeless? Where had all the animals gone? There were still ravens screaming their heads off, but they were of no use unless there were many calls - then that would mean there was a kill. But he was never that lucky. 

Her pursuits in finding prey had lead the she-wolf further north than she had anticipated; far beyond her tribe's territory. Sigyn frowned, she had not found any signs of prey. There was a distinct lack of animal tracks and scents within the vicinity, and only allowed the ache in her belly to intensify, attesting to her findings, or lack thereof. Though, her luck was quick to change as ravens cawed and cooed in the trees overhead. If she remembered her father's teachings correctly, the ravens likely congregated near a carcass. Though, it wouldn't be much, just the scrapings of a more fortunate creature's kill, but it would be enough to hold the she-wolf over for a few days. At least, until she could find a far better meal; both for her and her tribe-mates.

Sigyn was quick to move into action, listening to the caws of the black avines rise and intensify as she neared them. She surveyed her surroundings, her eyes searching for a figure in the snows, but found nothing out of the ordinary. She decided then, to utilize her other senses, tasting the breeze for any intriguing scents. The scent of decay was present, resulting in her pace quickening towards the scent, but as she neared, Sigyn found another scent. Though, it did not belong to the ravens or the carcass she pursued; it was a wolf. Her body stiffened, but Sigyn continued towards the carcass, paying no mind to the loner that neared. It seemed they were both pursuing a meal, and it would do little to benefit either to fight for mere scraps.

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