Paws sunk deep into thick snow with every trodding step, black fur clumped in masses of built up ice. Because the hard ice also built onto the ridges of his nostrils and tip of nose, Hinsutr would fail to catch the drift of anything, an overwhelming sense of utmost vulnerability digging into his mind. However, since it was strong enough from even a mile away, the pungent scent of ash and something hot warmed his nose. The young wolf had never even been able to fathom such a smell, and was drawn to explore it. After all, it was the only thing he had to do for the past week.

The further he drew into the heart of the Ashemount mounts, he was perplexed. This mountain was ugly in appearance, nothing like the Austere Summits he grew to adore. Snow was no longer vivid in this area, and the ice amongst his sleek pelt dripped and melt into nothing but liquid, dampening the gray ground beneath his paws. The burning aroma was even more powerful, with a hint of something very stingy. Hinsutr directs his body over a few heeps of mountain rock and such until something else catches his eye.

Steam? So far up North? What business did it have residing up by the dominant snow and ice fields? However, he could not see where the steam would blow up from, so careful paw steps guide himself down the slope of the warm mountain toward the vapor. Golden eyes widened very faintly at what seemed to be a pool of water. This was no <i>mountain</i>, this was a heep of land not in his vocabulary. There was no pinpointing a name for it. But for now, Hinsutr would refer to it as a Fake Mountain. 

Curiosity drew his limbs to raise and dip inside the water. Stupid, considering that he had no knowledge on just how hot these water pits could grow to in temperature. But all was safe luckily for him, and his fur was not fleeing the clinging contact against his skin to rid him naked and burned. The boy had never felt warm water before unless the sun shone directly upon it, and wondered if he was hallucinating. If he was.. there was no time to waste. Childishly, Hinsutr splashes his entire body into the shallow ends, slumping onto his side and resting his head against the banks, listening to the liquid surge past his ear and soak into his night pelt. 

Such bliss had to be taken advantage of, and as time ticked by in this contentment nature, Hinsutr reflects on his original thoughts about Ashemount. It had no reason to be regarded to as a Fake Mountain. It was much more graceful than that.. providing pools of heat where they should be covered by a collossal barrier of ice. Almost.. a gift! Since he had no interest in tasting hot liquid, Hinsutr does nothing but dwell and bathe inside it, closing his eyes and huffing out. Just so his other side of the body got to experience the pleasure, he rolls, splashing and soaking the right side of his flank into the cozy abyss. 
Vash stood on the edge of a good ten-foot drop. The rocks here, while not covered in snow, were still as slippery as ever. The humidity in the air making the rocks perspire and conform to its will. Vash licked the rocks the taste of metal and salt stinging his tongue. It did not taste bad but it was nothing like the snow but a few miles away.

Not even that really but given the steep curving paths, it was that long. Vash reached down his paws testing a small out crop to use as a pouncing pad. With a solid huff, he jumps down once and then again to the less precarious path below. He lifted his nose to the air feeling its unnatural warmth. His mouth opened in response tasting it.

Was this the first time he had experienced such a thing? He doubted it but he truly didn't know. Instead, his ears flicked at the sound of water not far from him. Wasn't there a legend tied to this place? One where the mountain burned red and grew up from the earth. The only red he knew was the crimson color of blood and the scarce weeds that grew near the rivers. What color did this place hold?

He trod softly on his calloused paws. The rocks unmoving beneath his steps. He paused as he rounded a bend. Another wolf smaller than he lay within the steaming depths of water. He cocked his head and descended slowly and carefully onto the same platform. His paws just barely making small rocks tumble forth. His eyes never left the small wolf though. Was it a pup?

His ears flicked curiously and he stopped far enough away so not to cause alarm. He sat there watching a moment before speaking. Could he speak to it? The water in the air made it hard to tell gender.

"Hello,"it's was small and perhaps a bit faint. He was simply unsure of himself. Being an Omega had put him constantly on the defensive and ready to rollover.
The sound of the water surging against his soon would soon be interrupted by something faint, a voice. Hinsutr was confused, and raised his head up just barely, flickering any remnants of droplets so they may fall back into the hot bath. He could've sworn just a second ago.. none other than he wandered the Gift of a Mountain. Golden eyes swept over the lands eventually, before fixing on a wolf figure.


His gaze narrows, mainly in squint and appalment. This wolf was larger than Hinsutr, and stunk of dead leaves, reminding him of the forestry he had once thrived in. An aching reminder of the family he left behind, and also a sweet memory all at once. Secretly, the black wolf savors this smell, continuing to scan over the stranger before he readied a reply to his unexpected greeting. His ears.. how peculiar, and how humorous. They were tufted heavily of fur, almost bizarre to see, but was enough to send his lips veering back in a persistent grin.

Hey-- what's this?

Also when his nose just died down on the rigorous sniffing, a trail of pack life caves in. Vaehlus. Good Gods, this was a fellow pack member? Flattening his ears hardly, the wolf stands. He had never come across another in the pack all the way out here, and quite skeptical as to whether or not the stranger followed his disappearance, Hinsutr muffles a "What the hell are you doing here?" in his throat.

"Hi." The wolf replies with a smug grin, confident almost, shaking his pelt free of the hot liquid, wondering if some would spray against the other, "I'm Hinsutr."

And now, since this dumb introduciton was over, he gets straight to business, not all too interested in what the other's calling may be.

"Didn't know you were in Vaehlus.. how long have you been in the pack? Never caught sight of you."

He did tread lightly on his word, unsure of whether or not this wasa higher ranked individual than him. Either way though, he wasn't going to change his persona based on a rank. He is who he is..
"Vash," he responded happy this wolf did not seem keen to attack him outright. "I have not been with the pack long." Should he tell him? It only seemed right to let him know of his position. Even if it meant trouble for him in the next few moments.

"I am an Omega," Vash said sheepishly. "So it is no wonder. I remain on the outskirts of the pack with the rest. I mean no trouble I just heard the water."

It was true he often wandered off on his own. While he relied on the pack for a lot he felt the need to be independent to a degree. Scavenging the remains of a hunt did little and it was a constant skirmish with the other Omegas. So he did what little he could on his own. A muskrat here or there if one was available or even rabbits. 

"It's unique, isn't it," Vash asked looking to the steam. "I wonder why the water is so hot it leaves the ground." Vash paused. "Sorry, I disturbed you but I couldn't tell if you were a pup or not. No offense....it's just dangerous in unknown places for young ones."

He hoped his concern would not be misconstrued. Now that he had gotten a better look at the wolf before him he was pretty sure it wasn't a pup. His nose was working past the smell of minerals in the steam. He was almost full grown if not already by his smell. Which meant he most likely had a higher position as well.
Vash, was the stranger's name. As he spoke, Hinsutr allows his eyes to search this pack member everywhere. He's just.. highly intrigued, if that's the word? However, when the male speaks of his rank, the night pelted muffles a grin when he grows shy speaking the word 'Omega'. Oddly enough, Hinsutr could not give his rank, he didn't even know what he was yet.

As Vash turns his attention elsewhere to the liquid, so does Hinsutr, just barely. He was just about to share his own thoughts on as to why the water was hot, until the Omega says something that just about ticks the young man off. He can't tell if he's a pup? What does THAT mean?

Now somewhat self-conscious regarding his height and physique, he practically spits, "I'm no fuckin' pup!"

True, he had taken high offense to that statement, didn't even realize his ears flattened and his top lip threatened to pull back.

"You're lucky we share the same pack. I'm not the top shit, but I don't like to let others insult me without getting some sort of scratch as a result."

But Hinsutr wasn't here to argue about something as minimal as height and changes the topic almost as quickly as it started. He shoves his paws in the hot water, backtracking to what Vash said earlier of the water departing from the grounds.

"I think it's cause it has nowhere else to go. So hot, maybe it needs to burn through."

That theory's chance of being right is slim. They're seated upon mounds and mounds of built up stone, so the possibility of something burning through proves to be slim, and the ebon knows it too, yet he keeps his mouth shut. He'd give anything to just distract Vash from speaking about his height again.
Vash's ears go back and he backs up slightly. As he thought he had taken offense to the fact he was small. Vash hadn't meant anything by it he thought it was interesting how some wolves could be huge and others small. Still, it was better to avoid it at all cost he wanted no trouble. 

"They do say water eventually will eventually make a rock change shape. It's odd how something so soft can make rocks disappear," Vash said agreeing slightly. He had no idea how these things worked. He may have known at one point but not anymore. 

Vash circled around slightly. He doubted Hinsutr would want him right next to him. He pawed at the water as well splashing it up onto himself and jumping away slightly. He had gotten so used to the cold mountain the water felt hotter than it really was. He licked his paw checking to see if had actually burned. It hadn't but that still was a surprise. The water tasted of minerals and he licked the roof of his mouth to chase down the taste.

"Doesn't taste that good that's for sure," Vash said chuckling slightly. He lay next to the pool letting it warm up his cold body. Maybe he could enter in a bit. He looked up at the sun past the steam to check the time. He was still getting used to everything so he had no idea when the pack would move next.

"I like being in Vaehlus. I get to see so many interesting and pretty places like this," Vash commented with a smile.

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