A Pest
After having found his way to in the new land, Hinsutr knew that this particular spot was going to be the one he would favor the most adamantly. Almost greatly pleased that he was in Vaehlus, a nomadic Tribe, the wolf knew that he couldn't spend too much time ambling around the cold terrain. But that did not mean that he would never see this place again, had he been in a stationary pack, that may just be the only fear he would feel. For now, there was nothing for the sleek lad to do other than get to know the layout, and struts with great, boasting pride to further feel out the Austere Summits.

The black pelted canine did not see anything that caught his golden eyes other than a few Bighorn Sheep. Half expecting this because a trek to the mountains is not what some other's had a taste and yearn for, Hinsutr would settle just fine with the silence. Heedful paws would not flatten against the rock unless the surface proved to capitulate under his light weight. This was going to be a slow, time-consuming excursion by the pace he lolled at, but an ordinarily reckless boy like him was better off safe than sorry.

All was serving to be fine until the sudden bleat from a Bighorn sheep cried from above him. For this very reason, Hinsutr totters in shock, struggling to regain perfect balance. It was one paw-slip away from a deadly fall, but by a split second decision to throw his weight to the left, colliding with stone and dealing an adequate amount of pain, he was safe. A bare amount of dust and pebble descends upon his long snout, thanks to the movement given by the hooved creature. To an ego filled individual like him, this was nothing but a sudden taunt and mockery, a way of the sheep letting the fretful exaggerate his victory.

Narrowing his black brows, the angered wolf shakes his coat free of particles and cranes his neck upward to steady view on the animal that nearly cost him his life. And seeing it trot off with no care, oh, that ignited a whole new fury within the emotion of the black lad. Hoisting his frontal limbs onto the scratchy rock the sheep had just ascended from, Hinsutr starts his pursuit toward the fleeing, weak, waste of a flesh and bone.

Whether or not the canine was going to have the appetite to cut into a sprint, or simply tease the sheep was going to be entirely up to the other animal. Either, he did not bother to care for, despite a run along these steep ridges and dips was nothing but trouble begging to be answered.

Open To All.

 The sounds of the earth's scream ripped the chilling air, it was like an angry mother calling her children by their full names. It ripped limbs off tired trees that struggled to survive, being blow several feet from where they once resided. The large weapons would slam into the snow, like a volley of arrows; exploding white powder into the air. The white curtain would suspend in the atmosphere for several long seconds, through the veil came rusted over steel with loud crunching sounds coming from beneath it. The almighty mother would shift her vocals with the reflexes of a large cat; her wretched banshee scream slammed into thick armor. The sounds of snow whipping against flesh and fur rose, the tank still trudging through the blinding white labyrinth.

Ice weakens Steel

The fortitude of the behemoth weakening in its left shoulder, feeling the effects of banshee breathe for the first time. The claws of infinite haunting darted up the vanguard's back, his body arching to compensate for the grasp. Today? Twin blue orbs peered out through cracked mask, left upper lip ripped from its place long ago. Induced in a permanent snarl by a monster much larger than he, sentinel ripped from his watchtower not even trying to fight pain. Paws exploding snow up behind him as if he was mole trying to dig its way out, gaze never leaving the horizon for even a glimpse at the life around them. Come find me A deep rooted hurt glazed over like sheet of thick ice, buried under what were once beautiful iris' and are now dulled out.

Fog bellowed out from between exposed ivories like smoke from a forge, it wasn't audible but to the guard there were creaking in his joints. There hadn't been any maintenance done to the scars that littered his very foundation, leaving them to heal how they wanted allowing thick tissue to form. It was a never ending battle with the hard pain that shot through his body, never-the-less it excited him to his core. Ecstasy washing over his autopilot mode body, thick gray fur rippling like a glacier trailing down a mountain side. He was set to an infinite walking journey, having not made a single turn since entering the white. Behind him his trail was both fresh and already covered, ghost walking among the living.No one even knows

It cried out beneath his brutally scarred face, chest falling as the forge spit fumes once again. A lazy exhale and sense of silence washed out and over him, only to be sucked right back in like recycled parts. Worthless Red serpent trailing out to whisk away the small amount of frost that had settled. Ice cold hard turned black from frost bite only made a beat every so often, having the same beats per minute as a hibernating animal. It was this sense of relaxation that caused the monster to stop, there was nothing that urged him to look around; yet he did. A sigh soon following as he watched a small beast munching on a ball of ice, Hunger radiated through this land's lifeless ruins.  

The blue orbs that had no life in them rotated in a left curved arc, neck cranking swaying slightly allowing chilled gaze the ability to watch behind him. The tracks he had made were soon swallowed by an endless army of death, it didn't show signs of stopping either from his point-of-view. We need death It was like a beast living in him wanted to die, all he could do was nod once simple time. A machine just waiting for the fumes of life to leave it, heavily scarred hips kissing the powder below them. It seemed like a good place to sit and die. Agreed 

Though his physical essence was not moving there was movement in his spiritual and mental essence

It was so quiet thinking back to the past only a year and a half ago, wanting to show the signs of his pain was easy; and not. There was an overwhelming desire to just lie down, give up the battle that he had failed to win for so long. It was easy to walk to the end of his journey alone, not having to worry about someone making him second guess himself; just him. Do It. A laughter splitting his skull wide open, right up lip twitching in annoyance as the voices came to him. Luckily there had been a tree in-front of the beast, head rocking forward violently slamming into the bark. Blood

It rose from his the lashes across his forehead, breathe spilling out of a heated volcano inside him. A dark chuckle rose up from hip followed by a groan, realizing he'd committed the act of self harm again. '"Jemand .. Komm und töte mich"' Tones deep in his throat rumbled like thunder against a cliff-side, yet they never truly left his mouth; staying trapped inside. All he did was mouth the phrase, regretting having lived through the past all to well. He hated himself.

'"Hover for Translation."'
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The clattering of hooves beating against a mixture of snow and rock, and the very shrill of his blood coursing through his body was all Hinsutr could, muting out the sounds of the violent whispering winds and the sheep bleating. It caught sight of the predator and what he intended to do, and for now, his prey would beat around the mountain, twists and turns that could result in fatal endings, all that seemed much better than to end in the labyrinth of jaws and a coarse tongue against it's bone structure. The wolf's breath would shudder against each harsh step he took, either narrowly missing a slip up, or leaping upon an all too high ledge far beyond his capability. 

The sheep, with stronger hind legs and a powerful propelling force in its advantage, hurdles across a monolith, cutting distance between the black beast, galloping itself to safety. Before the horned animal would slow, Hinsutr wanted to inflict as much competition and adrenaline inside it's small bodice, snapping his jaws, thick saliva spewing from the tongue, scattering against the snow and forming together like raindrops, tinting the white softness below him gray. His paws trek side to side from the stone work, ablazed gaze scowling for the lowest peak he could topple.

What he desires was soon found, as it always will be, in his case. Because of the new hope of success cajoling his aggressive stance, the young creature was soon charged with the same downright conviction that he could conquer the sheep. Overcoming the obstacle in a matter of slow seconds, he bursts from the snow drifted rocks and charges through, using the sheep's fresh printed trail in his favor. Because it clears the need to plow through on his own, Hinsutr is able to make up for the lost time back at the previous obstacle. 

He slows when the sound of hoof steps are slowed, and the short-sighted Big Horn is what performing looks like catching it's breath, a fog flowing from those oval nostrils, exposing it's whereabouts to the wolf that lurks just around the corner of the mountain. Hinsutr himself shuts his gaping maw, drawing in slow breaths toward the ground to muffle the cloud that would form as he too energized. Before the sheep could reassure it's strength and stamina, the young beast throws himself out to the goat, catching it just by it's gaunt hind leg. 

Do or die was in both instincts of the wild animals.

The sheep bucks it's leg, fore limbs trying to kick momentum back up while loosening Hinsutr's embedded grip. An all too pleased look rested on the male's face when the prey was not up for the battle, and begin to slow it's kicking and pants, overwhelmed by exhaust, before it sinks into the snow, tan eyes not daring to look its adversary in his Oculus. Victory thrived in the air once again for the predator, and the wolf ends the life of the fairly meaty creature with barbarous blows and tugs to the throat region. The land greets the departing soul of the sheep with a low hushful breeze, and then falls still. The wolf may dine on his meal.

Before he can start, along with the breeze would come the distasteful scent of another male in the area. Unbeknownst, to the current lad with his kill that another was indeed present, wave of recycled irritation showers his body. Not because he was intimidated by another wolf, or wanted to be alone. But because he would have to devour the goat down as swiftly as possible before the foreigner's odor was out of his ability to reach. 
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The steady collection of vibrations stormed into twin smokey audits, gaze dropping to the endless white blanket beneath him. Several creatures came stampeding over rocks and hills, angelic glare not showing any signs of interest in the clearly startled creatures. Breathe There was a slow inhale as several small rocks bounced off destroyed armor, thick tail being drug among the cold valley as white powder covered him. Even as a hoof landed behind him rising to boot him in the rear did he care, hind end dropping to compensate for the kick. It doesn't understand The uncaring voice in his mind said, ever making his will lessen with each word it spoke.

The smell of blood filled his scent receptors with ease, hunger pinged around inside his empty gut. Lids closing for a brief second while front most paw hesitated, would it be worth to chase down the bleeding creature. When all of a sudden he felt something ram into his ass. Ignore it A sigh. An inhale. An exhale. It.. it kept happening. Lip curling upwards with annoyance as whatever was behind him kept ramming his butt. His body would snap in one direction then immediately in the opposite, white power becoming a veil around him. Step down! He would pick up the sounds of a small crying, realizing it must've been a child picking a fight.

Remember when we were that brave?

No. There was never a time he had been that brave, not containing the courage to step up and purposely ram his skull into a predators butt. I disagree. We were that brave His paws had carried him quiet the distance, unaware that he was directly above a small male with his fresh kill. It wasn't until his gaze lowered once again, silently wishing he'd consume a goat with his powerful jaws. The chilling scratch of freeze clawed his exposed left upper gum, tongue snaking out to lick it away and leave a fresh coat of saliva. He will probably run.

The knight would wonder why such a fragile male was alone out here, ice eyes rising back to the horizon pondering what to do. Avoid it That seemed like the best logical option in this instance, turning to head back the way he had came; whoosh. His hind paw slipped causing several small rocks to clash down in the direction of the boy. Damn it No, it wasn't to late. He would merely continue to walk like he hadn't seen the bastard, body turning again to walk down the steep hill. Massive muscles in his chest and shoulders flexing, pulling him back to keep him from plummeting into a snowball motion.

Ice and snow gave way beneath his heavy weight, sovereignty and power running over his soul. It was like a tank trudging through mud and water, not willing to stop for anything in its path. There was nothing like walking through snow with a stranger only several feet away, the task would be to ignore the male once he spotted him. Simple A scoff escaped his throat along with foggy breath, this land was indeed a mystery shrouded within a mystery. It was almost like there was zero life while still containing life. Packs

Now thinking back on it there had never been any scents of a pack, causing him to believe this part of the land had been unsettled. Fuck It would seem there would be confrontation after all, his body flinched as he turned to left; looking into the eyes of the boy. '"Gehörst du zu einer Packung?"' Accent heavy with both power and depression, tones bouncing out of his vocals like boulders against a glacier. His voice had always been rough and silky, "R's" and "H's" rolling over themselves. He held intimidation like a trophy kill, not caring who he scared nor who loved him.

The rewards of love were something he didn't deserve, they would not be accepted and or sought out. He was simply here to...Exist

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The large drumming beat of time slipping from his loosening grasp to the very sound of his blood, still tainted of fresh adrenaline roared in the rushed boy’s red stained audits. His chin would look downward on the carcass of the still open eyed mammal, jaws agape, mirroring his final moments before death seeped upon his life. A scary tale and permanent story imprinted in the mountains had he left the sheep to do nothing but preserve itself-- it was far too cold for flies to arrive and break down the matter.

Hinsutr felt as if he had no other choice, though the opportunities were endless on what to do with the body. But the other wolf... His teeth barely scrape the surface of the goat hide, fur included, before they secure placement and begin to rip out chunks of thick guarded meat. If it were any other day, without the unexpected intrusion, he'd strip the fine hairs from his meal, serving a delicacy fit for a picky lad like him. But as time ticks, the predator feasts upon the soft underbelly, where it was easiest to rip and scarf all down. Red blood geysers down the snow, lighting up a thin trail and scenting the wintery wonderland with much more horror.

He finishes the best parts of his hard earned kill, stomach of it’s groans and cries, silenced from the void of never ending hunger.. For now. To ‘store’ anything that remains of what once was a goat, he kicks layers of white sheets across the coldening slab of meat. Though his nose was dappled of crimson and most of his scent was of that, Hinsutr works to single out a wolf scent from all the others in the atmosphere. Not wanting to waste another millisecond of precious intervals, his limbs travel off in the given direction, snorting blood and snot to clear his nasal passageways.

Before his ears flew down from the scattered winds to shield the insides from an uncomfortable chill, already raised tail making the attempt to reach even higher heights. What had he just heard? It was no whisper from lands, or his series of thoughts suddenly growing louder by chance. This was.. Gibberish? Hinsutr stops himself after slowing massive stomps, eyes vigilant and scouting both above, beyond and below for what could resemble a Wolf.. Or even a ghost. Who knows, these peaks could be cursed by ancient dialect!

When the fore leg raises to continue this search, he happens to just barely lock eye contact with a set of something blue looking back upon his own, vividly standing out from combination of gray and white. Skeptically, the boy looks behind what he considered eyes, making out ears.. A body.. Until he could confirm, a wolf. Shoulders rolling back wonderfully in delight, a stained set of teeth expose as a result from a forming smile. Not because he was greeting the other in a polite way, but because the lands were lavishly filthing his ego. First.. A kill, and now he has been able to uncover the wolf in a span of minutes. Gods be on his side yet again! Conjuring the assumption that the stranger was speaking to him, clued by eye contact, Hinsutr’s lips form some sort of reply.

“Was that your voice seconds ago?” His maturing, snaeky voice, rigged with cracks of deep vibrations and hoarse halts, question, “Pardon me, if not.. But if it was, I cannot comprehend your speech.”

If his accusation that the speech was delivered to him was false, he’d still stick around despite it being so. However.. there was no need to cover the distance the two were destined to exchange a series of phrases and words from, he was relaxed in his current station. Plus, it was a stranger he spoke with, not a verified friendly neighbor. But.. If it were this wolf that spoke of nonsense, then Hinsutr could already see himself walking off. He had no time to pick out bits and pieces he could fathom, meat welcomed his return. And to squash that problem before it rears it's ugly head into conflict, the boy goes on, without even bothering to await an answer.

“I’m not from this Land, is why.” His black brow in the dark mask raises once he is frustrated in the need to defend his ignorance, a gentle exhale of warm breath in the form of a held sigh.

Unintentionally, his gaze flickers away from the other man’s, agitated driven.
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There was noise in his black audits, simple sounds of snow and rocks giving way to forces unknown. The voice that was given back to him was odd, like the male before him was hissing curiously. So many things filled his head to boiling brim, only silence coming out like steam from a pot. Everything the boy before him said was received and understood, however the language the male before him spoke was viewed as a lesser voice. Shove him A simple thought that echoed around cracking walls, curiosity pouring out wondering what he was doing out here alone.

'"Ja, das war ich"'

The tones of his voice were as lost as they were certain, blue eyes dropping to the snowy floor. His depressed gaze looking at kill at the boy's feet, hunger ringing in his ears all while being ignored.  '"Iz you alone?"' His voice was nothing but broken English, listening again as the male explained that he wasn't from this land. "Nither um I."

Why are we speaking?

It was true. There had never been the urge to strike up a conversation before, dull gaze looking past the young brute before him. Taking into account how small and defenseless this bastard was, tongue slipping out to clean his exposed upper gums. The tear in his cheek revealing a thick tendon, which was connecting his bottom jaw to his skull. "Muz.. be goin." It would dissipate as a soft lost whisper, stomach again growling as muscles flexed to carry him forward again. Large amounts of snow shifting to the side, being shoved along by his massive weight. Attack me... I beg of you.

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The exhales from his nasals formed a large mist of fogged breath, before dissipating to blend within the other air. The black masked individual would smirk slyly when this stranger spoke, oddly perplexed yet intrigued by such speech. Hinsutr would not reply before he fully processed within his mind what the black lad was asking, or saying, of him, head tilting a few degrees among the left. He thought past the interrupting wisps of sharp winds against the tip of his ears. Finally, the wolf comes to the conclusion that this fails to be a native. 

Relief trickles through his slow evaporating adrenaline until his muscles are finally dropped from the tightness of the shoulders and hinds. This meant that the natives in this region perhaps were able to be understood by him, and vice versa. However, the next phrase of "I must be going", furrows the midnight brows on the young Hinsutr. The hell? They had just spoke! And by the looks of this dreary place, nothing spoke of emergency or even remotely inviting. 

His very first alike species to run into, and now, suddenly had desired to disappear? No, not on this persistent lad's watch. He would be damned to hell to let this opportunity run through his fingers like water so easily. Hinsutr wouldn't even give care if the fellow were to be timid, overweening, mute, or deaf to him. He needed to speak to someone on the same comprehensive level as him. Quarreling with goats and frogs would not cut the deed. 

"What are you running from?" The boy sneers almost skeptically, yet teasingly, and tail beginning to curl upward, golden eyes squinting of a non-expressive challenge.

That would do it. This man didn't look like the type to be pushed around and maybe would find his upfront choice of words to be coward targeting. If he carried a big ego like he does, this would be nothing but an insult. Almost proud of himself to think of a way to stop the brute from fleeing, his black chin tilts upward toward the clouds, a temporary scowl resting upon the other wolf. 

For a split second, he did think of the consequences this phrase may inflict. Though he did not truly seek a fight, only to ruffle the wolf's feathers to trick him into sticking around longer, Hinsutr would defend himself if a flurry of teeth and blood split the air. It was all solely on the decisions to follow through by the stranger, and subtly, at this realization, did his eyes scan over a bit more, looking for more muscle and perhaps apparent injuries. Shit.

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