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Brahl Marsh0 Threads 0 Posts
During the early summer, Brahl Marsh is often abundant with many species of waterfowl that come to rear their young. Since The Falling, however, their numbers have diminished and the marsh grows vacant as seasons pass. Despite the brutal winters and bleak summers, this territory is still abundant with grasses and many other aquatic plants and organisms. Many healers and shamans travel to Brahl Marsh to gather plants thought to treat illnesses, and some shamans even come here to perform rituals. No one knows for sure if the life within this land will ever return to its former glory.
White Orchard0 Threads 0 Posts
The White Orchard is home to birches, peach trees and pines among many other fruiting trees and flowering plants. It is a naturally occurring orchard that has formed without the intervention of deities or magic. Many wolves and tribes have congregated here to feast on the many fruits which reside within the White Orchard. Even now it is bountiful with fruit and plants used in today's healing and ceremonial practices -- but there also lingers the thick scent of decay and some creatures that have entered to harvest the Orchard have yet to return.
Hare Meadow0 Threads 0 Posts
Hare Meadow is a vast expanse of rolling hills covered by various species of grasses and small, flowering plants. Before The Falling, Hare Meadow was true to its name -- abundant with rodents and other small game. Now the meadow is a field of dry and shriveled plants with little to no signs of life. Stories tell, however, that there is a brief period in summer where the meadow returns to its lush vibrancy.
Watcher's Rest0 Threads 0 Posts
Watcher’s Rest is a series of protruding rock pillars that form a sort of canyon along the shores of the black sea. No one is certain how these rock formations formed, but they are unlike any landform found within Alyeska. Watcher’s Rest is a cultivation of forest plants and trees found across the countryside, and many tributaries meander between the collection of rock formations. There are even rumors of caves leading to secret magma chambers beneath the rock pillars that have yet to be discovered. Should an Alpha die, it is here where they are taken to be buried or cremated.
Glacial Shores0 Threads 0 Posts
The southern shores are vast, but none harbor the brilliance of carved ice in equal measure to Glacial Shores. The black sea is littered with icebergs year-round -- each of different size and shape -- but during the summer months, many pieces of ice break off and are later taken by the current to Glacial Shores. Due to the climate, the ice doesn’t ever fully melt, making them a permanent resident along the seashore. Many wolves frequent Glacial Shores just to witness the spectacle of odd shapes and every shade of blue.
Ice Harbor0 Threads 0 Posts
Ice Harbor was not made by man nor magic; instead it is a naturally occurring harbor home to a large collection of icebergs. The water here is a dark shade of blue, impossible for the naked eye to penetrate. There are many species of fish that linger behind the black veil of the water, which makes this a popular place for wolves to gather. Though, it is uncertain if everything that dwells within the sea is a simple creature of cultivation.