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Beneath the shadows of looming mountains lies the rocky slopes of a rugged valley. A thick fog frequently clings to its moistened earth, sometimes hindering the vision of those who voyage through. The warmer seasons are known to attract the presence of moths who breed and birth their young beneath the stones. While the insects are harmless, the massive bears that flock to scavenge their larvae are a danger to be avoided.

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Frore Brook
Mortewood0 Threads 0 Posts
The forest that encompasses Kismet Lake is not for the faint of heart. Upon any exploration, it appears that this pocket of forest is riddled with disease that kills trees in unprecedented amounts. The trees here are vast and bend in abnormal shapes and directions. Whether it’s due to the disease-riddled foliage or by fear, prey and other animals don’t seem to stay here for long and try to avoid Mortewood all together. Additionally, it is not uncommon to spot large trees falling to the ground, making it beyond dangerous for many wolves to travel through these parts alone.
Kismet Lake0 Threads 0 Posts
Kismet lake is one of the largest bodies of water landlocked within the heart of Alyeska — though it wasn’t always this way. Before The Falling, Kismet Lake was nothing more than a large stretch of land with rolling hills and lush forests. Wolves are often consumed by the mysteries of the lake's formation and of what may linger beneath its icy waters. There are many rumors about a strange anomaly that occurs when the moon reaches its apex — of a strange glow that emits from deep within the blackness. As a result, many believe Kismet Lake to be one of the most dangerous and intriguing parts of the world, despite its seemingly tranquil appearance.
Magna Pass0 Threads 0 Posts
Tucked within the towering summits lies a vast expanse of green, rolling hills. Magna Pass is home to lush grasses and an abundance of grazing prey, some keen to hiding within the soft borrows they fashion alongside its hills. The fresh sight of green can come as a relief to the wolves of Alyeska who are, without a doubt, accustomed to harsher climates and the monotone color of an endless white. Magna Pass remains as a small pocket of summer year long, but it is not as welcoming and safe as it may seem. Pitfalls of soft earth can be treacherous to those who remain oblivious to the many warning signs that scar this area.

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Congenial Springs
Ridgewood0 Threads 0 Posts
Ridgewood, the realm of a thousand rivers. It is a place shrouded in legend and lore, spoken as the birthplace of the dire wolves that once roamed these lands. Towering trees as old as Alyeska itself crowd the black earth, shielding those who transverse its paths from the sun and drowning the soil in a world of perpetual darkness. Cradled between the Fiehl Drop and the endless shoreline of Kismet Lake, this is a place that has never truly been claimed or mapped in its entirety.

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Along the black sea there is a beach littered with stones of varying shapes and sizes that dapple the shoreline with a sea-kissed gleam. For millennium, the pebbles along this beach have played a major part in the courtships of the resident colony of penguin who build their nests of stone. The Natives of Alyeska have often admired this tradition and have been known to scout the shores in search of the most appealing stones to present to their own loved ones as a symbol of endearment. Though, not every wolf travels to Pebble Beach simply to search for stones. Others often hunt the penguins for a nutrient and fat enriched snack.