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Redwoods1 Threads 1 Posts
This massive grouping of trees are known as the sentinels of the western territories, as their monumental size and longevity know no bounds. They envelop Lone Mountain in a relentless hold, some reaching up to meet the mountain’s tallest points and the rest stretching on endlessly into the blue haze of the sky. There is no way of knowing for sure just how long the Redwoods have resided here, but legends whisper that the forest is as old as the first wolf to walk the earth. Some legends say that they have been here for even longer...
[p] till it's gone by Remington 08-03-2017, 07:19 PM
Lone Mountain1 Threads 8 Posts
This landmark stands alone, severed from the rest of the world -- hence the name Lone Mountain. Her climate is far more temperate and livable compared to those of the other mountain ranges in Alyeska. Surrounding this mountain is a collection of vivacious forests that are forever anchored into the ground, as no fire nor storm is strong enough to pull them from their centuries-old existence. Lone Mountain has been the throne of the mighty redwoods for as long as anyone can remember, and no sign tells of that ever changing.
A Valkyries Journey by Ryurik 08-13-2017, 06:50 PM
Grey Expanse0 Threads 0 Posts
Far beyond the edges of the Redwoods and Riverlands, there exists a seemingly impassable stretch of permanently cold terrain. What little ground isn’t covered by ice or snow is merely granite outcroppings that are dotted throughout the territory. There is no evidence to suggest the presence of prey, and many wolves have chosen to no longer frequent this location. However, there have been a few brave or foolish enough to attempt to traverse and chart the Grey Expanse -- they have marked the area with small stone structures to map a path home for those that may get lost.
Westmoore1 Threads 8 Posts
Westmoore is a region of hillocks that rise from the terrain as though they are fingerprints from an ancient god that lingers beneath the ground. The soil is arid here, but the plants and grasses of the Westmoore have long since adjusted; they have grown harsh and sour, but still remain plentiful. The climate within this territory holds more warmth than other places and naturally, many forms of wildlife have immigrated here for shelter and better grazing. As a result, many tribes flock to this area in search for a meal, as prey is more abundant here than in other territories of Alyeska.
hunger of the pine by Rowtag 08-13-2017, 06:39 PM
Riverlands2 Threads 4 Posts
Rain and groundwater that comes from Westmoore and the northern mountaintops collects within the Riverlands, creating a series of rivers and tributaries which all flow into the southern sea. What little warmth found within this region is sucked away from the ever-flowing rush of water. There are little to no trees found within the Riverlands; instead, many different species of grasses, shrubs, and flowers are found in abundance. This prime ground cover makes the Riverlands a prime hunting ground of small game. In summer, different species of fish may travel up river to spawn.

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River's Reflection by Vash 08-16-2017, 09:47 PM
Arctic Reach0 Threads 0 Posts
The Arctic Reach is nothing short of a frigid wasteland. It stretches far beyond the borders of the Riverlands to the shores of the frozen southern seas. Nothing exists here except snow, ice, and death for those foolish enough to venture within the Arctic Reach. There are rumors of another world that lays dormant beyond the void of white and cold, but none know for sure. Few wolves have traversed this frozen landscape and even fewer have returned.