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Whitetooth0 Threads 0 Posts
This mountain is not one to be trifled with. It is the highest point within the northern summits and perhaps Alyeska in its entirety. Its slopes are rough and jagged, akin to that of a primitively fashioned blade. Its conditions are harsh to even the most formidable of risk-takers. If the environment on the way up does not kill, the unstable snows that rest atop the highest of peaks shall end any fool’s life in a violent flurry of white. Word has yet to be spoken of any that have managed to scale Whitetooth — or at least of any that have returned.
Ashemount1 Threads 6 Posts
Ashemount’s size is not impressive like that of its sister mountains, yet it still manages to stand in singularity amid the northern peaks. Deep within its core lies dormant chasms of patiently-waiting magma and occasionally, dark pillars of smoke and acidic steam rise from its highest point. It’s as if the mountain wishes to remind residents that the only thing standing between them and a frenzy of hellfire and destruction is time. On the volcano’s slope, however, there lounges far less sinister bodies of geothermal-heated water.

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Sallow Springs
Heat by Vash 09-02-2017, 12:35 AM
Nocturne Chasms0 Threads 0 Posts
Within the northern range of mountains resides a network of deep, foreboding chasms that seem to stretch endlessly into the rock. It is thought that these tunnels are infinitely connected and some wolves even believe that the system reaches lands that lie further south. This plethora of intertwined caves can offer some refuge from the frequent storms and blizzards, and some say that there are treasures to be found in their depths. However, these depths are often structurally unstable and may harbor things that tend to lurk -- or worse.
Austere Summits1 Threads 7 Posts
This formidable range stands high above Nestlewood, but it is not nearly as magnificent as the gatherings of mountains that lay further north. Unlike the others, the Austere Summits can be a somewhat habitable place; their slopes are not as treacherous; the weather not as violent; other wildlife calls this region home. Bighorn sheep can often be found milling about the rocky terrain and an occasional mule deer is not an uncommon sighting. There are also more elusive, ferocious creatures that roam about these parts...
A Pest by Hinsutr 08-02-2017, 05:06 PM
Nestlewood3 Threads 16 Posts
Tucked within the brim of the more northern territories is a thick forest of pines and evergreens. Though the name of this woodland indicates a comforting and forgiving nature, it is very much the opposite. Much like the mountains that reside above it, this forest is cold and cruel. It does not favor the weak -- rather, it tests the few strong souls that dare call these woods a place of residence. Nestlewood is a lonely and often barren place, but it molds those who brave its shadows into more enduring versions of themselves -- something to be proud of.
Give me your fire, give m... by Sigyn 08-16-2017, 11:22 AM
Frost Hills0 Threads 0 Posts
Before The Falling, this region was one full of life. A countless amount of small game made their homes within the tall grasses and the tribes once flocked to harvest the land’s plentiful bounty. Now, these hills are barren, desolate, and buried in ice year-round. Everything, from the finest blades of grass to the thickest patches of brambles, is now covered with a thick layer of frost -- thus, the change in this land’s name. What was once a place of gathering and merriment is now an empty landscape devoid of everything but swirls of snow.