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The tribe of Duranos is one that conforms to the old traditions of the first wolves. They are resistant to ideas of change and believe their way of life to be the most liberating and free. Duranos is a tribe of closely knit individuals that will go to any length to ensure their own are fed and protected. Should an entity, big or small, decide to wrong one member of the tribe, the rest are sure to rise until no others decide to do so again.
This tribe is very ritualistic and follows a moral code that is beyond most wolves’ understanding. Their history is riddled with bloodshed and war and their tribe is a clear reflection of it. Each member of the tribe is well advanced in the arts of strategy and war; as a result, many think twice before betraying a member of Ounamis. Even before The Falling, this tribe always displayed a ruthless and prideful war-time demeanor.
Vaehlus is a nomadic tribe that does not take residence in a single territory. They are known to follow the many grazing herds, most of which are wild equine. Vaehlus tends to practice traditions similar to the animals they follow, such as stealing women from other tribes. While they seem to be a dominantly patriarchal tribe, their women are far fiercer than the men — something they hold with pride.