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Applications26 Threads 103 Posts
Hey there! Have you read our guidebook, answered all of your questions, created your character, and filled out your site profile? If yes, this board is the next place you’ll want to go. Within, you’ll find our character application form (as well as some instructions) which you can fill out and post in order for a staff member to officially accept your character into our game. You can also find sub-boards for characters that have already been accepted and other completed applications if you need any examples. You’re almost done with the joining process -- we can’t wait to have you!

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Nova by Nova 09-16-2017, 10:43 PM
Community Hub8 Threads 32 Posts
Bored and looking for something to do? Well, you can always go outside or spend time with your family, but if not, there’s always the community hub! In this board you’re encouraged to introduce yourself to other ITW members, (maybe) start random discussions, or entertain other members with riddles or games and things of the like. Our “dream write” board is also located here, where you can do quick or silly or any kind of non-canon roleplay with anyone. You can also post any short stories, poems, or other writings that you’d like to share with the rest of the fam.

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Dream Write
Flora/Fauna Contest by Conri 09-16-2017, 05:27 PM
Character Logs2 Threads 2 Posts
Here at Into the White, we like organization. We like it because it makes everything neater and easier and allows us to be even more lazy than we should be. This board is where you post your character logs and keep yourself organized so that everyone else can be lazy and happy. Remember that you’re the one in charge of keeping track of everything your character does; invest in a character log (so you don’t get in trouble) today!
Rosewood Tracker by Hound 07-20-2017, 02:39 PM
Adoption Center2 Threads 2 Posts
It’s breeding season! Or maybe it’s not. But if it is, this is where you can find and audition for the various pups in any litters that will be birthed sometime in the near future. Additionally, members may post and respond to “wanted” ads for wolves that are simply part of a family or whose purpose is to fill a gap in another character’s life. If you’re thinking of adopting a pup or family member, please make sure that you’re going to be active with them! If you doubt your activity, it might be wiser to stay away from this board so that there are less tears and more smiles!
Nanuk Family by thehartless 08-16-2017, 10:03 AM
Graphics Corner3 Threads 34 Posts
Do you have a character with no art? Don’t fear! This board may help you acquire some art pieces for your pretty babies, as you can post art requests that artists are free to respond or not respond to. Artists are also able to open up “shops” here, where they’re able to take in requests to practice their skills or even commissions (that’s real money, folks!). What’s also located here is the table testing thread, where you can post your tables to make sure they work correctly before using them to dazzle the rest of us with your magnificent posts!
Table Testing by Sigyn 08-16-2017, 10:30 AM
Site Maintenance8 Threads 23 Posts
This board is a board of many boards. A lot of them are pretty boring, like the IC and OOC archives, but there’s also interesting ones! There’s the news & updates board, where you can find out what’s going on if you’re having trouble understanding the “site updates” section or missed an update. There’s also the board for advertising and affiliates! If you’d like to advertise on our site, this is the only place for you to do so (unless you’re special and have a special spot for your site at the bottom of ours). The password for this board is “advertise” to keep the spammers away!

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Suggestions and Ideas, and 3 more.
Absences by thehartless 08-04-2017, 06:56 PM