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Winter, Year 1: January
The world is blanketed in a veil of white and cold consumes the inhabitants of Alyeska. Temperatures reach well below zero and snow storms are frequent, often immobilizing wolves and forcing them to take shelter.
Breeding | Birthing
Character Census
Duranos 3 Female / 1 Male
Ounamis1 Female / 4 Male
Vaehlus1 Female / 4 Male
Loners 1 Female / 2 Male
Coyote0 Female / 0 Male
Fox0 Female / 0 Male
Strains0 Female / 0 Male
6 Female / 11 Male
Applications26 Threads 103 Posts
Hey there! Have you read our guidebook, answered all of your questions, created your character, and filled out your site profile? If yes, this board is the next place you’ll want to go. Within, you’ll find our character application form (as well as some instructions) which you can fill out and post in order for a staff member to officially accept your character into our game. You can also find sub-boards for characters that have already been accepted and other completed applications if you need any examples. You’re almost done with the joining process -- we can’t wait to have you!

Sub Forums:
Nova by Nova 09-16-2017, 10:43 PM
Community Hub8 Threads 32 Posts
Bored and looking for something to do? Well, you can always go outside or spend time with your family, but if not, there’s always the community hub! In this board you’re encouraged to introduce yourself to other ITW members, (maybe) start random discussions, or entertain other members with riddles or games and things of the like. Our “dream write” board is also located here, where you can do quick or silly or any kind of non-canon roleplay with anyone. You can also post any short stories, poems, or other writings that you’d like to share with the rest of the fam.

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Dream Write
Flora/Fauna Contest by Conri 09-16-2017, 05:27 PM
Character Logs2 Threads 2 Posts
Here at Into the White, we like organization. We like it because it makes everything neater and easier and allows us to be even more lazy than we should be. This board is where you post your character logs and keep yourself organized so that everyone else can be lazy and happy. Remember that you’re the one in charge of keeping track of everything your character does; invest in a character log (so you don’t get in trouble) today!
Rosewood Tracker by Hound 07-20-2017, 02:39 PM
Adoption Center2 Threads 2 Posts
It’s breeding season! Or maybe it’s not. But if it is, this is where you can find and audition for the various pups in any litters that will be birthed sometime in the near future. Additionally, members may post and respond to “wanted” ads for wolves that are simply part of a family or whose purpose is to fill a gap in another character’s life. If you’re thinking of adopting a pup or family member, please make sure that you’re going to be active with them! If you doubt your activity, it might be wiser to stay away from this board so that there are less tears and more smiles!
Nanuk Family by thehartless 08-16-2017, 10:03 AM
Graphics Corner3 Threads 34 Posts
Do you have a character with no art? Don’t fear! This board may help you acquire some art pieces for your pretty babies, as you can post art requests that artists are free to respond or not respond to. Artists are also able to open up “shops” here, where they’re able to take in requests to practice their skills or even commissions (that’s real money, folks!). What’s also located here is the table testing thread, where you can post your tables to make sure they work correctly before using them to dazzle the rest of us with your magnificent posts!
Table Testing by Sigyn 08-16-2017, 10:30 AM
Site Maintenance8 Threads 23 Posts
This board is a board of many boards. A lot of them are pretty boring, like the IC and OOC archives, but there’s also interesting ones! There’s the news & updates board, where you can find out what’s going on if you’re having trouble understanding the “site updates” section or missed an update. There’s also the board for advertising and affiliates! If you’d like to advertise on our site, this is the only place for you to do so (unless you’re special and have a special spot for your site at the bottom of ours). The password for this board is “advertise” to keep the spammers away!

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Suggestions and Ideas, and 3 more.
Absences by thehartless 08-04-2017, 06:56 PM
The tribe of Duranos is one that conforms to the old traditions of the first wolves. They are resistant to ideas of change and believe their way of life to be the most liberating and free. Duranos is a tribe of closely knit individuals that will go to any length to ensure their own are fed and protected. Should an entity, big or small, decide to wrong one member of the tribe, the rest are sure to rise until no others decide to do so again.
This tribe is very ritualistic and follows a moral code that is beyond most wolves’ understanding. Their history is riddled with bloodshed and war and their tribe is a clear reflection of it. Each member of the tribe is well advanced in the arts of strategy and war; as a result, many think twice before betraying a member of Ounamis. Even before The Falling, this tribe always displayed a ruthless and prideful war-time demeanor.
Vaehlus is a nomadic tribe that does not take residence in a single territory. They are known to follow the many grazing herds, most of which are wild equine. Vaehlus tends to practice traditions similar to the animals they follow, such as stealing women from other tribes. While they seem to be a dominantly patriarchal tribe, their women are far fiercer than the men — something they hold with pride.
Journey Into the White0 Threads 0 Posts
No living soul that has dared to venture into the White has ever returned. Its wintery grip knows no end and its vastness threatens to wholly consume all that is Alyeska. This region is often described to be a stealer of life, but some of the locals may whisper different stories -- of monstrous horrors that materialize from the blizzards that border this world. For most, the White is seen only as an entity of death, but to others it is a pleasant escape from a land plummeted into an eternal winter. Will your journey end here, or has it only just begun?
Whitetooth0 Threads 0 Posts
This mountain is not one to be trifled with. It is the highest point within the northern summits and perhaps Alyeska in its entirety. Its slopes are rough and jagged, akin to that of a primitively fashioned blade. Its conditions are harsh to even the most formidable of risk-takers. If the environment on the way up does not kill, the unstable snows that rest atop the highest of peaks shall end any fool’s life in a violent flurry of white. Word has yet to be spoken of any that have managed to scale Whitetooth — or at least of any that have returned.
Ashemount1 Threads 6 Posts
Ashemount’s size is not impressive like that of its sister mountains, yet it still manages to stand in singularity amid the northern peaks. Deep within its core lies dormant chasms of patiently-waiting magma and occasionally, dark pillars of smoke and acidic steam rise from its highest point. It’s as if the mountain wishes to remind residents that the only thing standing between them and a frenzy of hellfire and destruction is time. On the volcano’s slope, however, there lounges far less sinister bodies of geothermal-heated water.

Sub Forums:
Sallow Springs
Heat by Vash 09-02-2017, 12:35 AM
Nocturne Chasms0 Threads 0 Posts
Within the northern range of mountains resides a network of deep, foreboding chasms that seem to stretch endlessly into the rock. It is thought that these tunnels are infinitely connected and some wolves even believe that the system reaches lands that lie further south. This plethora of intertwined caves can offer some refuge from the frequent storms and blizzards, and some say that there are treasures to be found in their depths. However, these depths are often structurally unstable and may harbor things that tend to lurk -- or worse.
Austere Summits1 Threads 7 Posts
This formidable range stands high above Nestlewood, but it is not nearly as magnificent as the gatherings of mountains that lay further north. Unlike the others, the Austere Summits can be a somewhat habitable place; their slopes are not as treacherous; the weather not as violent; other wildlife calls this region home. Bighorn sheep can often be found milling about the rocky terrain and an occasional mule deer is not an uncommon sighting. There are also more elusive, ferocious creatures that roam about these parts...
A Pest by Hinsutr 08-02-2017, 05:06 PM
Nestlewood3 Threads 16 Posts
Tucked within the brim of the more northern territories is a thick forest of pines and evergreens. Though the name of this woodland indicates a comforting and forgiving nature, it is very much the opposite. Much like the mountains that reside above it, this forest is cold and cruel. It does not favor the weak -- rather, it tests the few strong souls that dare call these woods a place of residence. Nestlewood is a lonely and often barren place, but it molds those who brave its shadows into more enduring versions of themselves -- something to be proud of.
Give me your fire, give m... by Sigyn 08-16-2017, 11:22 AM
Frost Hills0 Threads 0 Posts
Before The Falling, this region was one full of life. A countless amount of small game made their homes within the tall grasses and the tribes once flocked to harvest the land’s plentiful bounty. Now, these hills are barren, desolate, and buried in ice year-round. Everything, from the finest blades of grass to the thickest patches of brambles, is now covered with a thick layer of frost -- thus, the change in this land’s name. What was once a place of gathering and merriment is now an empty landscape devoid of everything but swirls of snow.
Redwoods1 Threads 1 Posts
This massive grouping of trees are known as the sentinels of the western territories, as their monumental size and longevity know no bounds. They envelop Lone Mountain in a relentless hold, some reaching up to meet the mountain’s tallest points and the rest stretching on endlessly into the blue haze of the sky. There is no way of knowing for sure just how long the Redwoods have resided here, but legends whisper that the forest is as old as the first wolf to walk the earth. Some legends say that they have been here for even longer...
[p] till it's gone by Remington 08-03-2017, 07:19 PM
Lone Mountain1 Threads 8 Posts
This landmark stands alone, severed from the rest of the world -- hence the name Lone Mountain. Her climate is far more temperate and livable compared to those of the other mountain ranges in Alyeska. Surrounding this mountain is a collection of vivacious forests that are forever anchored into the ground, as no fire nor storm is strong enough to pull them from their centuries-old existence. Lone Mountain has been the throne of the mighty redwoods for as long as anyone can remember, and no sign tells of that ever changing.
A Valkyries Journey by Ryurik 08-13-2017, 06:50 PM
Grey Expanse0 Threads 0 Posts
Far beyond the edges of the Redwoods and Riverlands, there exists a seemingly impassable stretch of permanently cold terrain. What little ground isn’t covered by ice or snow is merely granite outcroppings that are dotted throughout the territory. There is no evidence to suggest the presence of prey, and many wolves have chosen to no longer frequent this location. However, there have been a few brave or foolish enough to attempt to traverse and chart the Grey Expanse -- they have marked the area with small stone structures to map a path home for those that may get lost.
Westmoore1 Threads 8 Posts
Westmoore is a region of hillocks that rise from the terrain as though they are fingerprints from an ancient god that lingers beneath the ground. The soil is arid here, but the plants and grasses of the Westmoore have long since adjusted; they have grown harsh and sour, but still remain plentiful. The climate within this territory holds more warmth than other places and naturally, many forms of wildlife have immigrated here for shelter and better grazing. As a result, many tribes flock to this area in search for a meal, as prey is more abundant here than in other territories of Alyeska.
hunger of the pine by Rowtag 08-13-2017, 06:39 PM
Riverlands2 Threads 4 Posts
Rain and groundwater that comes from Westmoore and the northern mountaintops collects within the Riverlands, creating a series of rivers and tributaries which all flow into the southern sea. What little warmth found within this region is sucked away from the ever-flowing rush of water. There are little to no trees found within the Riverlands; instead, many different species of grasses, shrubs, and flowers are found in abundance. This prime ground cover makes the Riverlands a prime hunting ground of small game. In summer, different species of fish may travel up river to spawn.

Sub Forums:
Tallula Rapids,
Faircrest, and 1 more.
River's Reflection by Vash 08-16-2017, 09:47 PM
Arctic Reach0 Threads 0 Posts
The Arctic Reach is nothing short of a frigid wasteland. It stretches far beyond the borders of the Riverlands to the shores of the frozen southern seas. Nothing exists here except snow, ice, and death for those foolish enough to venture within the Arctic Reach. There are rumors of another world that lays dormant beyond the void of white and cold, but none know for sure. Few wolves have traversed this frozen landscape and even fewer have returned.
Nuvuk Valley0 Threads 0 Posts
Beneath the shadows of looming mountains lies the rocky slopes of a rugged valley. A thick fog frequently clings to its moistened earth, sometimes hindering the vision of those who voyage through. The warmer seasons are known to attract the presence of moths who breed and birth their young beneath the stones. While the insects are harmless, the massive bears that flock to scavenge their larvae are a danger to be avoided.

Sub Forums:
Frore Brook
Mortewood0 Threads 0 Posts
The forest that encompasses Kismet Lake is not for the faint of heart. Upon any exploration, it appears that this pocket of forest is riddled with disease that kills trees in unprecedented amounts. The trees here are vast and bend in abnormal shapes and directions. Whether it’s due to the disease-riddled foliage or by fear, prey and other animals don’t seem to stay here for long and try to avoid Mortewood all together. Additionally, it is not uncommon to spot large trees falling to the ground, making it beyond dangerous for many wolves to travel through these parts alone.
Kismet Lake0 Threads 0 Posts
Kismet lake is one of the largest bodies of water landlocked within the heart of Alyeska — though it wasn’t always this way. Before The Falling, Kismet Lake was nothing more than a large stretch of land with rolling hills and lush forests. Wolves are often consumed by the mysteries of the lake's formation and of what may linger beneath its icy waters. There are many rumors about a strange anomaly that occurs when the moon reaches its apex — of a strange glow that emits from deep within the blackness. As a result, many believe Kismet Lake to be one of the most dangerous and intriguing parts of the world, despite its seemingly tranquil appearance.
Magna Pass0 Threads 0 Posts
Tucked within the towering summits lies a vast expanse of green, rolling hills. Magna Pass is home to lush grasses and an abundance of grazing prey, some keen to hiding within the soft borrows they fashion alongside its hills. The fresh sight of green can come as a relief to the wolves of Alyeska who are, without a doubt, accustomed to harsher climates and the monotone color of an endless white. Magna Pass remains as a small pocket of summer year long, but it is not as welcoming and safe as it may seem. Pitfalls of soft earth can be treacherous to those who remain oblivious to the many warning signs that scar this area.

Sub Forums:
Congenial Springs
Ridgewood0 Threads 0 Posts
Ridgewood, the realm of a thousand rivers. It is a place shrouded in legend and lore, spoken as the birthplace of the dire wolves that once roamed these lands. Towering trees as old as Alyeska itself crowd the black earth, shielding those who transverse its paths from the sun and drowning the soil in a world of perpetual darkness. Cradled between the Fiehl Drop and the endless shoreline of Kismet Lake, this is a place that has never truly been claimed or mapped in its entirety.

Sub Forums:
Druid River,
Fiehl's Drop, and 1 more.
Pebble Beach0 Threads 0 Posts
Along the black sea there is a beach littered with stones of varying shapes and sizes that dapple the shoreline with a sea-kissed gleam. For millennium, the pebbles along this beach have played a major part in the courtships of the resident colony of penguin who build their nests of stone. The Natives of Alyeska have often admired this tradition and have been known to scout the shores in search of the most appealing stones to present to their own loved ones as a symbol of endearment. Though, not every wolf travels to Pebble Beach simply to search for stones. Others often hunt the penguins for a nutrient and fat enriched snack.
Brahl Marsh0 Threads 0 Posts
During the early summer, Brahl Marsh is often abundant with many species of waterfowl that come to rear their young. Since The Falling, however, their numbers have diminished and the marsh grows vacant as seasons pass. Despite the brutal winters and bleak summers, this territory is still abundant with grasses and many other aquatic plants and organisms. Many healers and shamans travel to Brahl Marsh to gather plants thought to treat illnesses, and some shamans even come here to perform rituals. No one knows for sure if the life within this land will ever return to its former glory.
White Orchard0 Threads 0 Posts
The White Orchard is home to birches, peach trees and pines among many other fruiting trees and flowering plants. It is a naturally occurring orchard that has formed without the intervention of deities or magic. Many wolves and tribes have congregated here to feast on the many fruits which reside within the White Orchard. Even now it is bountiful with fruit and plants used in today's healing and ceremonial practices -- but there also lingers the thick scent of decay and some creatures that have entered to harvest the Orchard have yet to return.
Hare Meadow0 Threads 0 Posts
Hare Meadow is a vast expanse of rolling hills covered by various species of grasses and small, flowering plants. Before The Falling, Hare Meadow was true to its name -- abundant with rodents and other small game. Now the meadow is a field of dry and shriveled plants with little to no signs of life. Stories tell, however, that there is a brief period in summer where the meadow returns to its lush vibrancy.
Watcher's Rest0 Threads 0 Posts
Watcher’s Rest is a series of protruding rock pillars that form a sort of canyon along the shores of the black sea. No one is certain how these rock formations formed, but they are unlike any landform found within Alyeska. Watcher’s Rest is a cultivation of forest plants and trees found across the countryside, and many tributaries meander between the collection of rock formations. There are even rumors of caves leading to secret magma chambers beneath the rock pillars that have yet to be discovered. Should an Alpha die, it is here where they are taken to be buried or cremated.
Glacial Shores0 Threads 0 Posts
The southern shores are vast, but none harbor the brilliance of carved ice in equal measure to Glacial Shores. The black sea is littered with icebergs year-round -- each of different size and shape -- but during the summer months, many pieces of ice break off and are later taken by the current to Glacial Shores. Due to the climate, the ice doesn’t ever fully melt, making them a permanent resident along the seashore. Many wolves frequent Glacial Shores just to witness the spectacle of odd shapes and every shade of blue.
Ice Harbor0 Threads 0 Posts
Ice Harbor was not made by man nor magic; instead it is a naturally occurring harbor home to a large collection of icebergs. The water here is a dark shade of blue, impossible for the naked eye to penetrate. There are many species of fish that linger behind the black veil of the water, which makes this a popular place for wolves to gather. Though, it is uncertain if everything that dwells within the sea is a simple creature of cultivation.
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